EK-3-Elysium - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

EK-3-Elysium - Jasmuheen

Shamballa’s Sacred Symphony - The third book in the Enchanted Kingdom Trilogy, ELYSIUM continues the story of Rani and Tan as they discover the pathways to Shamballa and develop the Heartland Game. 

Tracked by both the Dark Ones as well as other Alchemists that are also focused on the merging of the worlds, in this book we cover the movement of the rapture, Shamballa's Shadowlands, parallel worlds plus Earth’s rise into more civilized realms. 

Next we will have Cosmic Wanderers the final book in the series ...

What's included?

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EK-3-Elysium - Enchanted Kingdom series - Jasmuheen
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Enchanted Kingdom Series with Jasmuheen

Book 1 - Queen of the Matrix – Fiddlers of the Field – the alchemical apprenticeship begins. Also covers future artificial intelligence issues.
Book 2 - King of Hearts – The Field of Love – covers the complicated alchemy of human relationships and love from an interdimensional level.
Book 3 - Elysium – Shamballa’s Sacred Symphony – explores the alchemy of love, duality and the more enlightened planes.
Book 4 - Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound – goes deeper into the ancient and futuristic alchemy of an ascending species and world.