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It is so wonderful to have you with us and we trust you will enjoy our life enhancing online courses, revitalizing meditations plus insightful books & audios!
Regarding our online courses, just follow the call of your heart as our courses are so varied in their subject matter!

Where to begin?

Apart from our books and meditations - as listed below - many begin with our Luscious Lifestyles program online course which forms the basic frequency foundation for most of our other online courses but again, work intuitively and follow what feels right in your heart as each online course is highly specialized and comes from over 3 decades of successful experiential application globally covering a variety of subjects that many find fascinating!
I love the word 'dance' in abundance as so many know that when we are meant to be doing something the time, the money and even the babysitters always come dancing into our lives! And so, while we will be offering great rates for those of you doing multiple courses, just ask the loving universe in which we dwell to bring you all that you need to be able to participate with joy and ease and Grace!

The Freedom Series of Online Courses

In this video Jasmuheen shares about true freedom which means being free from all human limitations plus how to do this! 
She will share throughout the Freedom series of 9 specific online courses, methodology that has enhanced the lives of thousands of people in 55 countries for nearly 3 decades!
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Private and Privileged

 Our "Private and Privileged" section is just for those who want a deeper more personal connection with Jasmuheen and her Light Being Team where it will be their privilege to share more freely.
In this section she will post more regular insights and channeled messages plus some bonus meditations that are super current to these changing times on Earth. 

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Co-creating a healthy, harmonious world that honors all life through lifestyle and powerful experiential research, the work of Embassy of Peace founder Jasmuheen, has now been integrated into 55 countries! She is also the author of 42 books that are published in 20 languages.