Pathways of Peace - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

Pathways of Peace - Jasmuheen

The Pathways of Peace Pragmatics manual is designed to bring permanent peace into our lives. This poetic work by Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen offers 12 paths of peace and pragmatic exercises.  
She writes … In order to move to the next prophesied level we need to unify in love and focus on paradigms that honour and respect all life. There is no mystery to the experience of Divinity; the workings of energy fields are quite simple. What we focus on grows, we all know this. Some say that it is time also now to focus on pathways of peace, on things that bind and unify us, a new operating system. 
The question is, can we all go beyond this struggle? And if so, how? Is there a science or a system we can use for planetary refinement into peace? Is there a step by step process that we can adopt? The simple answer is yes and this manual provides the how! 

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Pathways of Peace - Jasmuheen
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The Pathways of Peace program has been shared all around the world by many of the Ambassadors of Peace who are affiliated with the Embassy of Peace - the changes in people's lives have been profound.
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