Biosystem Nourishment and Recoding Meditation - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

Biosystem Nourishment and Recoding Meditation - Jasmuheen

A wonderful meditation by Jasmuheen for nourishing the complete bio-system so that it operates in harmony on all levels. Including the codes for the physical body to organically be nourished by prana if it wants this.
This is a meditation designed to bring a harmonious flow into day to day life as it recodes each level to work in unity with the whole system and to also feed from the perfect nourishment sources that each system requires.

What's included?

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6 mins
26 mins
It is recommended that you also apply the Pranic Nourishment Meditation with this to get the full benefit of the Etheric feeding device system plus apply the Luscious Lifestyle Program to naturally boost your vital life force and chi levels.
Nourished by prana for nearly three decades Jasmuheen will offer a unique Online Course on The Alchemy of Source Feeding with brand new insights,  at the link below. 
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