'The Madonna Frequency' Planetary Peace Program by J Jasmuheen

'The Madonna Frequency' Planetary Peace Program

This free e-book carries the slogan “Change our Focus & Change our Future” and provides 9 practical projects and action plans, agreements and tuning tools that will create deep and lasting planetary peace by eliminating the root reasons and causes of war and terrorism. 
This manual is a timely, PERFECT ACTION solution for the chaos of this current millennium.
The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program was downloaded by Jasmuheen in 2001 from the Universal Field of love and intelligence (the UFI). The program is overshadowed by Mother Mary and the Madonna in all her forms. 

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Madonna Frequency Peace Program - Jasmuheen
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This is book 3 of the Biofields and Bliss trilogy.
Book 1 in this series is Four Body Fitness - Biofields & Bliss.
Book 2 is Co-creating Paradise.