The Food of Gods - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

The Food of Gods - Jasmuheen

Jasmuheen’s 18th book on metaphysical matters and her third book in the Divine Nutrition series. 
It is not necessary to have read the previous books on this subject which cover her personal journey and the solution for world health and world hunger issues as The Foods of Gods takes the pranic nourishment discussion to another level and offers simple yet powerful tools to satiate all of our hungers. 
While she prefers the term Source Feeding, in this book she looks at the Madonna Frequency and how it relates to this way of being nourished.

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The Food of Gods - Alternate Nourishment - Jasmuheen
The Food of Gods - Jasmuheen
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Jasmuheen writes:

"The most important difference with our focus with Divine Nutrition is that It has the ability to feed us on all levels and that we can still benefit from increasing Its flow through our bio-system even if we continue to choose to enjoy eating.
Allowing this Divinely Nutritional stream to be increased in our system means that we can be fed emotionally, mentally and spiritually and as such the techniques and guidelines shared in this book, will benefit us all by freeing us from our current personal and global emotional, mental and spiritual states of anorexia."
Peace ambassador and Founder of the Embassy of Peace, Jasmuheen has been nourished by prana for nearly three decades and is known as the Grandmother of Breatharians in the West. She prefers to call this "Source Feeding" and will offer a unique Online Course on this soon - click for more at the link below.
Online Course - The Alchemy of Source Feeding
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