Free Online Global Events by J Jasmuheen

Free Online Global Events

In this section we will be posting videos and meditations plus audios of our free Global events that we hold from time to time via Zoom gatherings and in other ways. You will also find mp3 audios of the incredibly insightful Light Being messages from our YouTube videos that you can download and listen to any time that suits you!

Upcoming meditation 11-11-20

We stand at the brink of an amazing time of great transformation yet we have so much power and support now to really co-create an incredible future. Jasmuheen shares about one such sacred place of support that she was shown in Tibet above the Himalayas. We will be doing a live meditation the 11th November which will incorporate this Tibetan Vortex. 

What's included?

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Recent and upcoming events end 2020
Unfolding Into Our Awakening with Alfa Vedic and Jasmuheen - 13-11-20.mp3
(1h 36m 53s)
Video - People Power and Sacred Support with Jasmuheen.mp4
18 mins
Audio - People Power and Sacred Support with Jasmuheen.mp3
18 mins
As an event completes ...
Videos and Audios of various Global events with Jasmuheen
(1h 53m 32s)
(1h 53m 32s)
Meditation-Light Being Message-2-11-20-Jasmuheen-YT.mp4
30 mins
Meditation-Light Being Message-20-11-20-Jasmuheen.mp3
31 mins
June - 2020 - Jasmuheen - Source Feeding, Covid-19, Earth's Future, Death and so much more ....mp4
35 mins
June - 2020 - Jasmuheen - Source Feeding, Covid-19, Earth's Future, Death and so much more ....mp3
35 mins
Global Event April 2020 - The Innernet and Internet Blend plus more-Jasmuheen.mp4
53 mins
Global Event April 2020 - The Innernet and Internet Blend plus more-Jasmuheen.mp3
53 mins
Audios to download of Light Being Messages
Telepathy and the Languages of Light plus Recoding with Jasmuheen.mp3
29 mins
Light Beings and ETS working with many on Earth - 3 specific lines or types with Jasmuheen.mp3
14 mins
Who are The Intergalactics - message through Jasmuheen.mp3
37 mins
Light Being Message - The Ascension Program and Holographic Realities - Jasmuheen.mp3
24 mins
Light Being message - Global Update plus viruses, microchips, 5G Solutions - through Jasmuheen.mp3
24 mins
Personal and Global Ascension on Earth Now with Jasmuheen plus recode.mp3
16 mins
Light Being Message on Earth’s Ascension and more - Jasmuheen.mp3
19 mins
Light Being Message - 5 Steps to Global Ascension through Jasmuheen.mp3
25 mins
Light Being Message - A Bridge to a Brand New Future - through Jasmuheen.mp3
33 mins
Our Intergalactic Family - the coming Merge Time - Jasmuheen.mp3
8 mins
Quantum Biofeedback Looping - a Light Being Message through Jasmuheen.mp3
11 mins
Intergalactic Federation Message - Contact and more - Jasmuheen.mp3
29 mins
The Heartfelt AHHHH A Simple Technique for Higher Realm Merging Jasmuheen.mp3
8 mins
The Ascension Hologram plus Powerful Coding with Jasmuheen and the Intergalactics.mp3
51 mins
The Storm before the Calm - Light Being Message thru Jasmuheen.mp3
8 mins
The Grand Awakening - A Super POSITIVE Intergalactic Contact Message thru Jasmuheen 9-2017.mp3
23 mins
UPLEVELING Now - Intergalactic Ascended Master Message to Earth - 4-April 2020 - Jasmuheen.mp3
31 mins
A Time of Release and Resurrection - Light Being Message thru Jasmuheen.mp3
19 mins
Intergalactic Federation & Lords of Peace message on telepaths, empaths, lightbody's and more.mp3
28 mins
The Divine Dance of Freedom Light Being message through Jasmuheen.mp3
18 mins
Intergalactic Message on Gaias Compassion, Life in the Unified Realms and more Jasmuheen.mp3
31 mins

A time of mutual support!

Supporting our world and each other through this time of amazing transformation that will eventually deliver us into a more enlightened phases of evolution on Earth that is beneficial for us all - we can evolve in the rhythm of joy and ease and Grace!


Co-creating a healthy, harmonious world that honors all life through lifestyle and powerful experiential research, the work of Embassy of Peace founder Jasmuheen, has now been integrated into 55 countries! She is also the author of 42 books that are published in 20 languages.