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August 25, 2020
We all need a place where we can share freely with like minded people who are supporting each other in so many ways!
Right now so many of us are supporting the blossoming of humanity as we continue with both a personal and global ascension program that is also shaking things up on a universal level!
And yes so many of us are in direct communication with additional levels of support from Star systems who have been where we are now and so in this section we will be posting the latest updates we receive from these ones along with some powerful meditations to support the current hearts desire of so many on earth who are ready now to enjoy a more enlightened phases of evolution!
We hope you will love what we will share here as much as we will love sharing it!
But also this is a section for you to share with us what you want to know more about!
So tune in to your heart and see if it feels right to support this new membership platform!
Love light and laughter - Jasmuheen and staff at the Embassy of Peace!
Video coming soon ...
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Hi and ALOHA I am so happy to be with you. Thank you so much for your love Jasmuheen. Eva

Thank you! We really hope you enjoy what we will add in here - smiles ...

We are privileged to be more private with you ...

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