Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program - various languages by J Jasmuheen

Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program - various languages

Our powerful Madonna frequency Planetary Peace Program in 13 different languages - this is a manual of your commitment regarding how you wish to exist on Earth. 
Channeled through from the divine feminine to Jasmuheen after 911, over a million copies have been downloaded since it was first released at the beginning of this millennium. Download in various languages and add your commitment now!

About this program

‘The Madonna Frequency’ Planetary Peace Project involves a 4 part alignment and action plan.
Part I – Agreements and Programming Codes that are made between you and the intelligent universe that surrounds us and see us as Gods in form. i.e. this is our commitment.
Part II – Are the Questions we need to ask, the Attitudes we need to adopt and the Attributes that ‘The Madonna Frequency’ imbues us with.
Part III – Requires our united focus on 9 Peace Projects that if attended to will eliminate the causes of violence and terrorism in our world. 
Part IV – RECIPE 2000 >. A Lifestyle and Programming package that will keep us tuned as individuals, to the frequency of love, wisdom and compassion, so that we can always be perfectly aligned and take the perfect action to create, then to keep our world in peace.

Let us co-create with joy and ease and Grace … download your free copy and participate now!

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