Lightbody Revelation Meditation - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

Lightbody Revelation Meditation - Jasmuheen

Lightbody Revelation – Revitalization & Healing Meditation, unzipping our true nature. A meditation to reveal our lightbody plus more!

We hope you enjoy this following meditation for it has an ability to reveal our true nature and yes nourish us and if required even heal our physical body system or just revitalize and strengthen it.

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Intro-Lightbody-Unzipping Meditation.mp3
3 mins
Lightbody-Unzipping Meditation-Jasmuheen.mp3
30 mins
9 mins

Additional Insights ...

For a few years I had been asking that intelligent infinite awareness for a simple way for people to experience that energy that breathes us, that is within us all, so that they could sense how powerfully it exists within and how it can nourish us all so easily – physically, emotionally, mentally and also spiritually so that we are free from human hunger.

It was fortunate and no coincidence that in India I met the beautiful Nina Brown, who shared a little of this technique in a meditation at our annual Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists. I asked her later where it came from and she said the idea came from the movie Cocoon, some of you may be familiar with this, these beautiful beings of light who were wrapped in a human form or suit. As I began to play with this idea, travelling around the world it became so different to what Nina originally introduced and we found ourselves working with many groups all around the world with each group adding a little more as the group divinity channeled through us all. 

Enjoy this meditation now!