In Resonance - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

In Resonance - Jasmuheen

Utilising the wisdom of the ages, In Resonance was written as a timeless manual for both personal self empowerment and self mastery. Still in print and selling well in many countries, In Resonance is filled with inspirational information of both experiential research and channelled guidance from Jasmuheen and the Ascended Ones. The predominant focus of this book is on bridging the worlds of science and religion, the realms of the physical and etheric, plus the cultures of the east and west. 
In Resonance offers practical tools utilizing simple and also more complex meditations, specific programming techniques for tuning, mind mastery for reality creation and creating a purposeful and passionate existence. It addresses issues from meditation to telepathy and Universal Laws plus the existence of the Brotherhoods of Light.

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In Resonance - Jasmuheen
In Resonance - Jasmuheen
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Jasmuheen writes ...

In order to understand the Pranic Nourishment or Source Feeding reality it is helpful to be versed in the metaphysical principles that this manual contains. I cant believe that it is still in print after all these years although I know its wisdom is timeless and is now being treated almost like a metaphysical bible by so many! Enjoy!