I Love You Meditation - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

I Love You Meditation - Jasmuheen

This is a meditation sets up a mutual feeding system using the radiation of the pure love Essence energy. What is wonderful is as we send it out we can then sense it flow back to us as love attracts love as we know via the Universal Law of Resonance. First we nourish our own bodies with this pure frequency and then we send it out through our networks – from family, friends, community and colleagues to the whole world and beyond.
This meditation improves immune system function by making us healthier on all levels as the pure love frequency dissolves all that is not this pure love energy within and around us. 
For an insight to the power of this you may wish to watch this video on Kwan Yin’s Transforming Love Radiation.

What's included?

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I Love You Meditation Introduction.mp3
8 mins
I Love You Meditation.mp3
24 mins