All About Healing & Energizing Meditations by J Jasmuheen

All About Healing & Energizing Meditations

Powerful meditative processes for aligning more with our body's consciousness, releasing old energy, healing and energizing the bio-system and also for connecting with Gaia.  Great value - 6 powerful life changing meditations now available at link below - download as a package for a great discount. 

What's included?

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All About Healing & Energizing - Meditations
01 Intro to ORGAN MESSAGE Meditation.mp3
3 mins
02 ORGAN MESSAGE Meditation.mp3
55 mins
Healing - Release and Reinfusion Meditation - Jasmuheen.mp3
20 mins
01 Intro to Cosmic Cable Health Medi.mp3
6 mins
02 Cosmic Cable Health Hook-In Medit.mp3
47 mins
Healing - Freedom and Forgiveness meditation with Jasmuheen.mp3
18 mins
01 Intro to Christed Healing.mp3
6 mins
02 Christed Healing Initiation Medit.mp3
60 mins
01 Intro-GAIA-connection.mp3
4 mins
02 Meditation- GAIA-Connection.mp3
55 mins

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