Etheric Pranic Feeding Devices Meditation - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

Etheric Pranic Feeding Devices Meditation - Jasmuheen

A detailed meditation using the Higher Light Science & Alchemical practices to create inner plane, etheric body feeding devices to increase and boost our chi flows which can in turn improve health, happiness & harmony levels. Also enhancing our telepathic abilities via pituitary and pineal gland fine-tunement. 
Background Music by: Brian Vale – Modulations

What's included?

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01 Intro to Etheric feeding Devices Meditation.mp3
5 mins
02 Etheric feeding Devices Meditation - Jasmuheen.mp3
(1h 02m 51s)

Additional insight ...

It is recommended that you also apply the Pranic Nourishment Meditation with this to get the full benefit of the Etheric feeding device system plus apply the Luscious Lifestyle Program to naturally boost your vital life force and chi levels.