Enlightening Evolution – New Support System Meditation - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

Enlightening Evolution – New Support System Meditation - Jasmuheen

This meditation connects you with these ones and allows you to sense more about your current purpose on earth in this new chapter of a more enlightened evolution as our new support teams that are revealing themselves on the inner plane, for those in deep meditation. We have entered into a time now of the most enlightening evolutionary path that we have ever experienced before on Earth. See more on this below ...

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Intro-Enlightening Evolution Support Team Meditation.mp3
4 mins
Enlightening Evolution Support Team Meditation.mp3
36 mins

More about this meditation ...

At the closing of the chapter of 2012 new energy patterns have begun to emerge on Earth, deep in the heart of hearts so many of Earth have chosen now to live in harmony and peace and while they may not be sure how, it is still their hearts desire and so new pathways are being revealed. 

Of course the most enlightening evolution will come as we come back into alignment with our true nature and allow it to guide us, to reveal its wisdom, love, power and gifts. Yet we also have support, inter-dimensionally and multi-dimensionally, beings of light, spirit guides, and guardian angels of course all of whom are just expressions of our own enlightened essence nature, expressed in a slightly different vibration and frequency band. 
Enjoy this meditation now ...