Beingness and Blending Meditation - Jasmuheen by J Jasmuheen

Beingness and Blending Meditation - Jasmuheen

Perfect for NOW Moment training! Based on the principles of the Law of Resonance and the Higher Light Science, this meditation provides more of an experience of what Eckhart Tolle shares in his book “The Power of Now”.
It also allows us to move through the various zones in the Matrix of Oneness; as in Beingness, we can feel the energy that supports Creation in the here and now. This is the space that we rest in stillness to open to Universal mind and the Supreme flows of wisdom and peace from the original pulse of creation. 

What's included?

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01 Intro to BEingness & Blendi.mp3
4 mins
02 BEingness and Blendings Meditation-Jasmuheen.mp3
50 mins