Pranic People - Source Feeding - Alternate Nourishment Research by J Jasmuheen

Pranic People - Source Feeding - Alternate Nourishment Research

In this series of 9 manuals Jasmuheen shares many insights into Source Feeding or being nourished by Prana or what she calls Source Feeding. From her first book on this topic to her most recent, we trust you will enjoy all of her methodology recommendations and insights in this historical tracking of the evolution of this reality in the West, a reality that has the power to eliminate all global health and hunger issues!

A Historical flow ...

Our in-depth Pranic package is only for the serious researchers, as each book has its own energy transmissions and adds to the whole flow of this into the West!
Known as the Grandmother of Breatharianism Jasmuheen offers her experiential research here as one package - from "In Resonance" with its basic metaphysical science and principles that aid in understanding the basic of this, to the controversial "Pranic Nourishment" - also called Living on Light -  Manual with its now unnecessary 21 day process, to the in-depth research contained within the "Ambassadors of Light - World Health, World Hunger"  manual, to the popular and very relevant "Food of Gods" manual with its slower, more natural and organic methodology where thousands are now in training. 
Then we have the "Breatharian Pathways - Memories and Motivation" book which is Jasmuheen's personal history of this over various lives, plus the "Being Essence" book that shares the importance of Essence dominance in the bio-system, to the Law of Love manual that shares on another level again how it is pure love that nourishes and frees all!
Our Prana Program book is like an encyclopedia filled with Q & A's!
Then we have the most important lifestyle methodology in the "Luscious Lifestyle Program" that aligns people to the zone where Source Feeding is natural and finally we have the pragmatic, "Unity Reset for an Evolving World" manual which simplifies it all again. 
All of these represent an organic powerful journey over nearly 3 decades where our research and methodology has evolved along with humanity‚Äôs evolving consciousness ... 
A wonderful investment to a package of historical research at a premium price!

What's included?

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Pranic People - Source Feeding - Alternate Nourishment Research
Pranic Nourishment - Jasmuheen
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Ambassadors of Light - Jasmuheen
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The Food of Gods - Jasmuheen
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Breatharian Pathways - Memories & Motivations - Jasmuheen
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The Prana Program - Jasmuheen
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Being Essence - Jasmuheen
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The Law of Love - Jasmuheen
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The Luscious Lifestyles Program - Jasmuheen
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Unity Reset for an Evolving World - Jasmuheen
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Historical, valuable and obtaining hardcopies ...

Jasmuheen first editions of the Living on Light manual sells for USD $500 upwards on! So yes these books are both historical and valuable in what they offer the world! Hard copies of these books can be found on Amazon and also in Kindle format.
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Source Feeding Meditations!

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Co-creating a healthy, harmonious world that honors all life through lifestyle and powerful experiential research, the work of Embassy of Peace founder Jasmuheen, has now been integrated into 55 countries! She is also the author of 42 books that are published in 20 languages.