All About Love - Meditations to enjoy more love by J Jasmuheen

All About Love - Meditations to enjoy more love

5 fabulous meditations - with detailed introductions to each - that focus on the different types of love and relationships we have - with our self, our partners and our world. Love uplifts and enhances all as we know so we hope you will love these different meditations with Jasmuheen! 
Great value - download as a package for a great discount. 

What's included?

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All About Love! Meditations to enjoy so much more love in life ...
01 Love Breath Intro to Meditation.mp3
6 mins
02 Love Breath Meditation.mp3
36 mins
01 Intro to Relationship-Network Upgrade Meditation.mp3
3 mins
02 Relationship-Network Upgrade Meditation.mp3
22 mins
01 Intro to Tantra Meditation.mp3
2 mins
02 TANTRA - Divine Marriage Medita 1.mp3
(1h 11m 19s)
I Love You Meditation Introduction.mp3
8 mins
I Love You Meditation.mp3
24 mins
True Beloved Introduction.mp3
9 mins
True Beloved Meditation.mp3
35 mins

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